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From single projector installs to a complete AV solution fitout we have a solution for you when it comes to Audio Visual. We supply and install various brands of projectors and commercial screens and can tailor a solution for you.

We setup and support display solutions and classroom projector systems we can help you deliver the best in AV to your target audience.  As well as basic systems we can also deliver more complicated systems that involve automation and control modules for screens, blinds and lighting.

Also in the AV department we conduct the supply and install of Public address systems including hearing loops.  These systems can cover a school playground or an airport terminal and are specifically designed for the desired outcome.  Using top of the range amplifiers and microphones as well as all the emergency bells and whistles there is nothing in your area that wont be covered.

Ebeam Interactive

Transforming existing classroom whiteboards into interactive teaching spaces is what Ebeam interactive system can achieve.  The Ebeam interactive system is the most fully-featured mobile interactive whiteboard system on the market.  Ebeam has rich curriculum resources built right in to make lesson planning easy.  The devices are compact and can be tailored to the individual user or designed as a whole of environment solution.  Easy and flexible install options and the largest image area on the market (3.1m diagonal) Ebeam is far the superior product to have in the classroom or business meeting room.


Frequently Ask Questions

Limited warranty is available on some products. Warranty conditions will be provided in your quote.
Limited warranty is available on some products. Warranty conditions will be provided in your quote. If the product is under warranty, it may be returned for a replacement at the store.
Yes you can place a deposit – but only for 7 days. We will also need to take a copy of your identification when placing a deposit. If you do not pay the remainder of the product price within 7 days, the product will be returned to the store to be available for sale and your deposit money refunded. This money can only be returned to the person who provided the identification.
If the product is listed on this website, please request a quote for the product. If the item is not listed, please visit one of our stores to use the in-store computer to search for the item required and we will endeavour to provide you a quote.
Freight is dependent on shipping timetables which change regularly and are not in our control. Typically, an item will take around 2 months from placement of order to delivery in Dili.
We source products from a range of countries including Australia, Indonesia, Singapore and the United States of America.
Warranty on goods that are ordered in will be the same warranty provided by the original distributor, however the commencement date of the warranty is the date that we ordered the goods from the distributor, not the date that the goods arrived in Dili.
We accept US Dollars only thank you.
We accept US Dollars cash (for notes over $1) and visa payments. Please note that visa payments incur a transaction fee.
We can provide a tax invoice and receipt upon payment of the goods to the value paid.

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