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Security CCTV

inovar4 designs, supplies and installs professional quality security and automation infrastructure, tailor made to your specific needs. We use highly functional and feature rich equipment from proven manufacturers to deliver an integrated solution that can evolve as your needs change.

A solution that integrates and automates basic building functions enables simple changes to be made in one place, such as:

  • Change a lighting schedule.
  • Change an irrigation schedule.
  • Turn off all non-essential lighting, air-conditioning and power (kitchen kettle, microwave, toaster etc) at a┬áparticular time of the evening.
  • Turn on non-essential lighting, air-conditioning and power when the first staff member arrives in the morning, or on a schedule.

Web functionality enables users to view a live feed from megapixel security cameras from any tablet or smart phone with a browser (with audio), and to open a door or gate, or turn on a light etc.

Alerts can be sent via SMS and/or email to verify an event e.g. break-in. Authorised users within an organisation can view live images on their desktop PC via a secure browser connection, and control outputs e.g. open a gate / door / etc.

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